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Just the tip of the iceberg of client testimonials, as well as selected Articles written about Janice or by Janice:


Client Reviews Posted on the American Library Associations Buyers’ Guide Website:

Geraldine McMahon, Library Director of the Franklin Lakes Library, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey:

“Janice Davis is a design wizard. She truly tunes into each individual project, the people, and the unique tone and vision of what is being conveyed and is a master of her craft. She is easy to work with, does quality work and was able to create something that exceeded our expectations. I marvel how she is able to create unique, clear, and memorable designs that generate great responses. Without hesitation, we will use her services again for future projects, and we recommend her highly.”

Ken Bellafiore, LIbrary Director of the Freeport Library, Freeport, Long Island, New York:

“Janice Davis has been a pleasure to work with on our various signage projects here at the Library. Her expertise and knowledge is the key to the successful completion of the work she undertakes.”

Sharon Egan, Byron Elementary School, Byron, Illinois:

“Janice worked with us on a memorial project for a teacher that had passed away. The teacher was a VERY strong proponent of early reading and her daughters felt the new elementary library was the perfect place for her memorial. We couldn't be happier - not just because we received a beautiful, original work of art and functionality, but because Janice was so wonderful to work with, from start to finish. She accommodated changes, was the go-between with other vendors involved, and was overall a delight. I strongly recommend her to design anything in your children's library, large or small. You will not be disappointed.”

Stephanie Ballucci, Library Director of the Cliffside Park Library, Cliffside Park, New Jersey:

“We at Cliffside Park are very proud that the famed Palisades Amusement Park was right in the heart of our town for many years. As many know, the park is no longer in existence so it's fitting that the history of the park lives on in the library. Janice worked to formalize that concept for the newly renovated Children's Department and it's been a big hit. A photo of the feature piece, a coaster, is on our website: http://cliffsidepark.bccls.org/”

Jill Davis (no relation!), Library Director of the Hendrick Hudson Free Library, Montrose, New York:

“The Children's Room Makeover Committee members were entranced with Janice and her ideas. It is a delight work with her.”

Other Client Comments:

Eileen Kavanagh, Library Director of the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library in a special insert in the Grand Opening Day program:

“A special note of thanks to Janice Davis of Janice Davis Design for keeping the MAGIC alive”

Sandra Miranda, Director of Children’s Services, White Plains Children’s Library (“The Trove”):

“Dear Janice, Thank you for making our dreams come true and bringing our Trove visions to life!”

Bill Lane, Vice President of Production, Jewelry Television:

“From fantastic fantasy environments to clean corporate looks, there’s nothing Janice can’t design.  Her studio sets have given Jewelry Television a look, a style, and a whole new credibility in the home shopping industry.”

Chris Drury, President and Executive Producer of the corporate event company Drury Design Dynamics, taken from the Theater Crafts International:  “Janice Davis, a theatre-trained designer who turns industrials into themed entertainment”

“Coming at it from a theatrical background, Janice brings two wonderful points of view to this.  First of all, she understand the dramatic moment better than a lot of other scenic designers.  She understands concept.  She understands content.  And, more importantly, because she comes out of theatre, she understands budget.  She’s very talented at figuring out ways of doing things and having it look the way we want, but within the budget.”

PRESS (click on file to see article):

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